Progress is my middle name!

Last week was all about this old house. Finished the home network, took a loong time to get it all done but its all good (and fast) now. Painted my room too…so now its onto replacing the rotten deck planks and painting/sealing the whole thing.

Also after searching far and wide I found some nicer deals in the papers about the used cars. Fingers crossed for some Toyota goodness after seeing the reliability ratings.

P.S.If Mac OS 9 decided to lay off with the hating I’d post pictures of this house work. Next time will be the charm…I’ll post from a real computer with realer intarweb.

P.P.S. Gold star to whoever knows the movie that quote is from. And fie upon those who think its too generic. Your mom’s too generic!

Author: Pat Skinner

I make apps. Full stack web, React, Angular, iOS, Rails, DevOps. I love helping people, saving time, and delivering delight. I also play piano and speak German.

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