ashlee simpson’s bodyguard

So tonight ethan’s friend from ‘s forums forwarded him a copy of paris hilton’s hacked Tmobile sidekick address book, personal notes, and pictures (!). Needless to say…someone who shall remain nameless had a wonderful time dialing every single celebrity in the book. Unfortunately most of their mailboxes were full…but there were a bunch of scandalous pictures of ms. Hilton..

almost all of the numbers were real, but their mailboxes were full. sad. but we covered a lot of ground dialing the hollywood rite-aid in ms. hiltons address book. score! a real person picked up.

later we did get ashlee simpson’s bodyguard…

body guard: “hello, who is this?”
b.p.: “hey this is bp, whos this?”
bg: “ummm…i don’t know any b.p.”
b.p: “i was just where you are”
bg: “…thats impossible”
b.p.: “…i know…sorry.”

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