Of dusty attics and high speed internets

So after some finagling with the parents, we’re finally getting broadband at home. It’s great, I know they’ll love it even though they’ve been skeptical. It’s a big deal because what must be a hallmark of American suburbia, cable TV, has never existed within these walls, nor have things like cell phones [until this year] and other unnecessary “services.”

I did a spreadsheet with all the costs for a year; its going to be $502.14 for the first year and assuming there aren’t any more deals $728.40 every year after that. Looks pretty steep when you sum things up like that, but I think the time we’ll save will make up for it…
Making these yearly spreadsheets is really useful because thats how the marketers work. Last year I made two similar ones where you either took a “19.99 for 6 months” deal or a “no installation fee”-type deal and the yearly costs were <$10 apart.

All day I’ve been messing around in the attic peeling back old dusty insulation and figuring out where the Cat5’s going to go…it’s really dirty and hot work but nobody else cares enough to do it.

Back to being Mr. Handyman…

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